School Processes at Palmerston

School Processes at Palmerston

Please see below information regarding a variety of subjects at Palmerston.  

  • Agendas
  • Allergies
  • Bicycles / Scooters / Skateboards
  • Communication
  • Dogs
  • Footwear
  • Homework
  • Illness/Accidents
  • Lost and Found
  • Palmerston Daycare
  • Report Cards
  • Visitors to the School

Agendas: One important goal of the agenda program is to establish a strong home-school communication connection.  Parents and teachers can exchange written communication through the agenda. 

Allergies: In consideration of those children who have severe food allergies, such as nuts, we ask that you be extremely cautious about preparing lunch foods or snacks which contain nuts. Please be aware that we have students and staff with allergies and sensitivities to scents and avoid wearing strong fragrances.

Bicycles / Scooters / Skateboards: Bicycles that are left in the schoolyard must be locked and are left at the risk of the owner and they are not the responsibility of the school to be protected. From a safety point of view, please do not ride things like bikes, scooters or skateboards in the yard when there are large numbers of students and parents present.

Communication: Newsletters and school information notices will mostly be sent electronically.  There are a number of ways we send home information:

  • The Principal's Blog
  • Parent Link (please click here for more information)
  • Teacher Communications using the Student Agenda, written notes, or, in some cases, the classroom website

Dogs: Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the schoolyard for safety and sanitary reasons. Signs to this effect are posted at the exterior entrances and in the schoolyard.  Please encourage your friends and neighbours to take their dogs to local parks during the weekends.

For more information regarding animals in classrooms, please click here.

Footwear: Please send a pair of “indoor shoes” with your child which can be stored at the school.   They will be needed for Daily Physical Activity (DPA) and for the classroom.

Homework: Homework is an important link between your home and the school. It is an out-of-class learning experience assigned by the teacher to enhance student learning. Homework should be reviewed by teachers so that they know where students are in their learning and how to better direct them towards their learning goals. Students learn best when parents, students, and teachers work together. The TDSB has developed a policy on homework and you can review this policy in by clicking here for tips, roles and responsibilities of the teacher student and parent.

Illness/Accidents: Children will be sent to the office and appropriate first aid given (cleansing, bandages, ice packs). Children will be returned to class if all is well, otherwise, parents will be notified. In any case of a head injury, parents will be notified immediately. In case of any other emergencies, parents will be notified and the office will take appropriate measures (call ambulance, police etc.) Please ensure that we have a current home and business telephone number for you at all times.

Lost and Found: It is a good practice to label each item of your child’s clothing. Our Lost & Found is located on the first floor by the office. For hygienic reasons, items will be discarded on a regular basis. All articles are displayed for the term and then any remaining items are donated.    Through experience, we have found that it might take a day or two for a child’s shoes or lunchbag to make it back to the Lost and Found.   If your child misplaces something, please check the Lost and Found on a regular basis.

Palmerston Daycare: Palmerston Community Daycare is located on the second and third floors of the Annex Building of Palmerston Avenue Public School located at 734 Palmerston Avenue (just northwest of Bathurst & Bloor).   Click here for more information about the Palmerston Daycare.

Report Cards: There is a Progress Report in November.   Report Cards are sent home in February and the end of June.   Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher at any time throughout the school year to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress.

Visitors to the School: Visitors are expected to begin their visit to our school at the office. All visitors and guests are required to sign in at the office and wear identification.