If it is determined that your child has headlice, we will call home immediately to let you know.  To prevent other children from being affected, we will ask your child to come and work in the office.  We recognize that this can be a very sensitive issue, and we take steps to ensure that this is done discreetly and with sensitivity.  We will immediately contact you, and, if at all possible, ask that you come and pick your child up.  You will receive the following information to apprise you of next steps:

Headlice Notification LetterHeadlice

Fact Sheet for Parents

As well, students in your child’s class will receive the following letter:

Pediculosis – Class Notification Letter

Depending on the situation, administrators will check students in the class for pediculosis and apprise parents as necessary.

Once at home, please take steps to ensure that your child is free of headlice AND nits.  Many parents will take this on themselves; as well, there are professional companies that you can hire who will come and support you.  Please do an internet search for more information.

When your child is ready to return to school, please start your day at the school office. We will check your child’s hair, and, if appropriate, return them to class.

On another note, we acknowledge that there have been articles in the media which have suggested that this policy be changed.  At present, we have been directed to follow the existing policy.  We will apprise you of any changes in the policy.