The Health and Physical Education Program

The aim of Palmerston’ Health and Physical Education program is to create a quality program that focuses on healthy active living for all students. You can expect the following for your child:

    • Skills and activities that relate back to Ontario curriculum standards
  • An opportunity for vigorous physical activity
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • A balanced program incorporating skill development, movement education, games/sports & health-related activities
  • The opportunity for your child to improve or maintain their fitness level on a regular basis
    •  Challenging & FUN activities the encourage students to build a lifelong commitment to leading an active life :)

Mr. Fs Expectations are…

          L istening (following instructions & freeze signal)
          A ttitude (always display good sportsmanship)
          C lothes (MUST have running shoes to participate)
          E ffort (students must always try their best)
          S afety ( use equipment properly, keep hands to self & not endanger other kids)


Parents are welcome to volunteer with any of the sports throughout the year.  Please call the school at 416-393-9305 or contact Mr. F directly at

Thank you!