Entry and Dismissal Routines

Entry and Dismissal Routines

Morning Entry:


8:43 AM: Kindergarten supervision by TDSB staff starts at this time.  (You will know supervision has started when you see a teacher wearing an orange “glow in the dark” safety vest).   At this time, please feel free to leave your child in the playground – we will look after them.


When dropping off your child, please say “good-bye” at the Kindergarten playground gates and let your child enter the playground on his or her own.   If you wish, you can always give an extra good-bye over the fence away from the gate!


A number of Kindergarten students attend the Palmerston Daycare and are out in the yard before 8:43 AM. These children are supervised by Daycare staff.   Unfortunately, they are not able to supervise children who are not enrolled in Daycare.


If your child does not attend Daycare, please ensure that he or she is supervised until 8:43 AM.




Between 3:15 and 3:30, the teacher and the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) line their classes up in the playground and parents and guardians wait outside by the gate.   Teachers then dismiss each student to his or her parents (usually, the teacher watches the child go over to the parent – this system ensures that every child is safely delivered).


Kindergarten students are supervised from 3:15 until 3:30 PM.   At 3:30 PM, any Kindergarten students who have not been picked up are taken to the office.


To facilitate entry and dismissal, we ask that you give plenty of space around the Kindergarten gate and the school entrance.   This helps each class to enter and exit the building quickly (especially helpful during inclement weather!).   From a safety point of view, this allows staff to better supervise your child.


Rainy Days and Days of Extreme Cold


On days when there is inclement weather, the children may be dropped off, after 8:43 AM, at the South entrance of the Annex Building.   The teacher and the ECE on duty at those doors will direct the children to their classrooms.   At the end of the day, teachers and ECE’s will dismiss the children one by one from the same doors.   As you are waiting for your child, please ensure that there is plenty of space at this exit – this will help make dismissal faster.


If You Are Late…


If you are late, please come with your child to the School Office.   There, you will be able to say good-bye to your child.  We will sign your child in and take them to their classroom.  


Sometimes, your child may have gym, music or library in the main school building.   Please do not drop your child off at the gym, music room or the library as it can be disruptive to student’s learning.   Please bring them to the office and we will get them to where they need to go.


We recognize that there are times when there are unusual circumstances.   If there is such a situation, please contact your child’s teacher.