Class Link (formerly Parent Link)

School Link (formerly known as Parent Link)

The Palmerston School Link (SL) is an information sharing system that enables parents and guardians to stay current with what is happening at Palmerston School.  

Each fall, parents receive a hard-copy form asking them if they would like to become part of School Link.  Parents and guardians who are interested in participating fill out the form and return it to the classroom teacher. 


Each class needs a "School Link" - this person is responsible for their class (this is a fairly easy role, is easy to learn, and requires little work!).  If somebody would like to take on this role, there is a space in the form where they can indicate interest.  Duties of the "School Link" involve:


1. Creating the contact list for the class and distribute.

2.  Setting up an email group for the class and pass on parent link information from the parent link coordinators to the class.

3. Maintaining on going communication with the teacher.


Registration form Elementary.pdf

This year, School Link forms will be distributed on October 19.  We ask that interested parents return the forms by October 23.  The information provided will be inputted into the SL system which is then shared on a class-by-class basis. Those who opt into the program will receive:

  1. Regular whole school communications via the School Link blog posts.  Sent out by School Council, these posts include important school information, school/council happenings and events.
  2. Your child’s class list detailing classmates’ and their parents’ or guardians’ contact information (good for creating Valentines for the entire class or organizing birthday parties)
  3. Class-specific information to participate in school outreach such as the Abundance program
  4. Other Information (e.g., arranging a whole class gift for your child’s teacher)

The following attachments provide direction on usage of School Link:


Guidelines Parent Link.doc


TDSB Parent Concern Protocol.pdf


TDSB Code of Conduct.pdf

To receive a hard copy of any information please contact school council: or see the office staff.