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Information for the week of April 11

Daily Schedule:

Due to the selective withdrawal of services by secondary teachers in the TDSB, the Board has postponed late starts until further notice. Classes on Wednesdays will follow the regular school schedule from 8:50 am to 3:10 pm.


Consistently doing homework helps students develop self-discipline and helps them to learn to organize and manage their time effectively. Homework may consist of work specifically assigned by the teacher to be done for the next day but it should also include reading, planning for future assignments, reviewing for future evaluations and researching/preparing for major projects. Homework might also involve cleaning out knapsacks and school bags and ensuring that all papers are hole punched and in the appropriate binder. It is expected that students in grade 9 do 45 - 90 minutes per day and students in grade 10-12 do 60 to 120 minutes per day. Many subjects in high school such as math are highly cumulative and doing practice questions for homework is crucial for success. Students should be encouraged to do their homework in a visible but quiet place away from the distractions of all of their electronics.

Parents and Students in Grade 11 & 12 – Post-Secondary Information

Our Student Services Department sends out regular texts to let our senior students know about visits from University and College representatives and to make students are aware of important information pertaining to applying to post-secondary education. Parents and students can be added to the list to receive this information by texting @ecigu to 289 276 0832 or by e-mailing Please encourage your child, especially if they are in grade 12, to add themselves to this service.  
(This is a confidential one-way text and e-mail system. At any time you can unsubscribe by replying to a text with ‘unsubscribe@ecigu’ or by sending an e-mailing with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.)

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