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Information for the week of October 5th

Friday Emails
Thank you to all parents who have joined our school email list. If you are in contact with parents who are concerned that they are not receiving these emails please ask them to check their spam folders and then re-categorize my email address as non-spam. We are also accepting new email addresses through our website at .

Semi-formal (unsanctioned) There is a semi-formal being planned by former ECI students for Thursday November 13 and tickets are now being sold. We believe it is being held at the SET nightclub in downtown Toronto. This is not a school sanctioned Etobicoke Collegiate event and there will be no staff members in attendance. We do not allow any advertisement or announcements for the event at the school but we cannot stop individuals from holding private events. The semi-formal is a private business function organized to make money and thus tickets are sold to anyone, not just ECI students. It is unlikely that any club would risk their liquor licence and serve alcohol to minors but since school rules do not apply, there is an increased likelihood that some students will attend the event under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If students are denied entry into a school event because of drugs or alcohol, we are required to call parents and ensure they get home safely. The same protocol is not in effect at a private function. Our worry is always that students might end up on the sidewalk downtown without support. In the past ECI has run a semi-formal but sadly once students were given the choice between a school event and private one, the students chose the one without the rules and supervision. We hope this information will promote discussion and open dialogue with your child.

Early Warning Reports
Early warning reports will be mailed home for some of our students on Friday, October 16th. If you receive one or more reports it is an indication that one of more of your child’s teachers has concerns about their attendance, behaviour and/or academic performance. If you receive an early warning report, please review it with your child. If you have any questions or require further clarification about the report please contact the school.

Important Picture Day Information: Your child's school picture is available online.
Simply go to to view your school pictures. Use the Portrait ID & Access Code on your proof sheet to see your school pictures online.  

Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship 
Our grade 10 Civics students are exploring 'active citizenship' and taking part in Student Vote on Thursday, October 15th.
Student Vote is an in-classroom program for students who are under voting age to encourage an awareness of the 2015 federal election and a parallel voting experience for those not yet old enough to cast a ballot. The program combines classroom learning, family dialogue and media analysis with the voting experience and gives young Canadians an opportunity to experience the democratic process first-hand. Through these activities we hope to encourage the habits of informed and engaged citizens.

NOW program: Newcomer Orientation and Welcome
The NOW program aims to support ECI students new to Ontario, and often also new to Canada, by introducing them to community resources and school services that can help them settle in their new school. The School Settlement Worker and Peer Leaders will be leading a series of art-based and discussion activities in the library. Lunch and snacks will be provided. During the duration of the program students will be excused from their regular classes, however, it is their responsibility to be aware of the work they will be missing. The program will take place during school hours on Friday October 16th 2015. You can contact Jacqueline Arroyo at the school if you have any questions or require more information.


Consistently doing homework helps students develop self-discipline and helps them to learn to organize and manage their time effectively. Homework may consist of work specifically assigned by the teacher to be done for the next day but it should also include reading, planning for future assignments, reviewing for future evaluations and researching/preparing for major projects. Homework might also involve cleaning out knapsacks and school bags and ensuring that all papers are hole punched and in the appropriate binder. It is expected that students in grade 9 do 45 - 90 minutes per day and students in grade 10-12 do 60 to 120 minutes per day. Many subjects in high school such as math are highly cumulative and doing practice questions for homework is crucial for success. Students should be encouraged to do their homework in a visible but quiet place away from the distractions of all of their electronics.

Earning Volunteer Hours - Toronto’s Youth Expo
The Youth Expo is a one day event for high school students to meet over 80 non-profit organizations to learn all about the many different volunteer positions available in Toronto. The Expo is taking place on Saturday October 24th from 12 noon to 3pm at the Toronto Reference Library. All students require 40 hours of community service in order to earn their diploma and those students in our grade 9 and 10 Leaders of Tomorrow (LofT) program require 100 hours to earn their leadership certificate. For more information click on the following link.

Parents and Students in Grade 11 & 12 – Post-Secondary Information
Our Student Services Department sends out regular texts to let our senior students know about visits from University and College representatives and to make students are aware of important information pertaining to applying to post-secondary education. Parents and students can be added to the list to receive this information by texting @ecigu to 289 276 0832 or by e-mailing Please encourage your child, especially if they are in grade 12, to add themselves to this service.
(This is a confidential one-way text and e-mail system. At any time you can unsubscribe by replying to a text with ‘unsubscribe@ecigu’ or by sending an e-mailing with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.)

Breakfast Program – “Etobicoke Eats”
ECI’s Etobicoke Eats Breakfast Program started up again this week. It runs five days a week from 8:00 a.m. until the start of the school day in room 271. Students can drop by for a selection of breakfast options or just to relax and chat with other students. Breakfast is free for students but all donations are welcome.
Etobicoke Eats is run by student volunteers who commit to being at school at 7:45 a.m. a few days a month to help set up. If your son/daughter wants to get involved but missed the meeting to sign up as a volunteer please have them see Ms. Edney in Student Services.

Late Start Wednesdays begin September 23rd
Many secondary schools, including Etobicoke Collegiate, have as part of their schedule a late start on most Wednesday mornings. If you look through your child’s agenda which they received as part of their Student Activity Fee, you will see that these Wednesday morning time slots are for Professional Learning time for staff (PLC), staff meetings and Student Help/Catch-up. On these Wednesdays students begin classes an hour later at 9:50 am.

The change for this year at Etobicoke is that we have set aside 1-2 Student Help sessions per month so that students are more aware of and better able to access this support. We know that many students enjoy their extra hour of sleep on Wednesday mornings but we are hopeful that they will take advantage of the opportunity for extra help if needed.

The late start schedule for the next few weeks is as follows:

Wednesday, October 14th - Staff Professional Learning Meeting
Wednesday, October 21st - Student Extra Help

QSP Fundraising


Visit to participate in our On-line Magazine Sale!

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We thank you in advance for supporting this fund raising campaign.


The Fund Raising Committee


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College and University Lunch Time Visits:
At the start of lunch in room 256 unless otherwise indicated.

October 9th – Humber College
October 16th – University of Ontario Institute of Technology (9:30 am in the Career Centre)
October 16th – University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus

Tuesday, November 10th
Post-Secondary Information Night for Parents and Students
7 p.m. - 9 p.m. in the Auditorium
Stay tuned for more information.

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