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At Etobicoke Collegiate, we have a strong language program in French and Spanish. Students can take French from Grade 9 to 12 and Spanish from Grade 10 to 12.  

We include all aspects of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, listening. Students are made aware of the possibilities of continuous language learning through the use of the Internet. We inform students about the many opportunities to learn languages, especially French, through programs such as My Explore, which offers five weeks of free language instruction and room and board in Quebec each summer to Canadian students.

In Ontario, and especially Toronto, many jobs require French and English, and even when bilingualism is not mandatory, it is a valuable asset to have in the labour market. As our commercial ties increase with Latin America, Spanish is becoming more valuable for careers also. Spanish is also very useful for travel, given the number of Spanish speaking countries.

Our programs not only try to instill a love of language learning, but try to increase students’ awareness and appreciation of different cultures.