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News from the ECI Library and Learning Commons

There have been a few changes in the library this year. Firstly, I would like to introduce our newest teacher-librarian, Chris Batsoulis, of the History and English departments. Chris is a seasoned teacher and brings to the library his vast experience and technological knowhow. He is a great addition to the library staff. Susan Anderson continues to be the full time teacher-librarian.

Secondly, the library is open until the end of third period this year rather than to the end of the day. It is open before school, at lunch and during the remainder of the school day. Students are encouraged to visit the library to sign out books, use the computers, read magazines and finish assignments. Senior students are welcome to use the library during their spares and others can visit the library during class time with permission from their teachers.

We support students in many ways in the library. The teacher-librarians are there to help with assignments and general research queries. We have scanners, printers (10 cents/ black and white page), a photocopier (10 cents/copy), and other equipment and supplies available for student use. We also have three projectors and laptop computers for students to borrow for presentations.

Finally, many of the library’s resources can be accessed from home through the ECI Virtual Library. Using passwords, a wide range of academic databases, newspapers, ebooks, and encyclopedias can be used. Passwords for home use can be picked up in the library.