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November 30th News!

To Grade 9 Parents/Guardians,

I can’t believe it is November already! Hopefully, our Grade 9 students have settled in to high school life and have figured out the best place to eat lunch: The Math Club (Room 232). It’s the place where you can get help with Math every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch while enjoying the peaceful sounds of learning and math-ing.

If your child is still having difficulty in Grade 9 Math, you should discuss a change in level with your child’s teacher or with Ms. Tzeng (Math Curriculum Leader). There is a limited time still available for students to change levels in Grade 9 Math. Remember, you do NOT need Academic Math to go to university so changing to Applied Math does not mean your child will not go to university. There are also options for students to “upgrade” back to academic math. Please call your child’s teacher or Ms. Tzeng to discuss options!

To all Parents/Guardians,

Math Club is a very popular place for students to get help and for students to give help in Math. Math Club runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch in room 232. It is amazing to see all of the learning flowing from one brain to another. Students can still volunteer to help as peer tutors. I have heard that it makes your heart grow two sizes larger if you volunteer as a Math tutor in Math Club!

Follow the smell of knowledge! It’s an amazing smell.

The Math Department wishes everyone a wonderful winter break. We can’t wait to see everyone in the new year all fresh and ready to study. Remember that doing math every day will help a student understand the material better than studying for a long period (cramming) right before an evaluation. Spread out the studying in smaller timeslots and give yourself breaks. Get ready for the new year of Math!