Teaching Staff

Contacting Teachers and Staff at ECI

 At any time, you can call the main school number (416-394-7840), send an email (EtobicokeCI@tdsb.on.ca), or by fax (416-394-7899), but if you want a more efficient route, you are encouraged to follow these contact guidelines in order and according to need:


A) Contact your child's teacher directly to discuss concerns relating to the course content and academic performance. They know the details regarding your child's achievement in their classroom the best and so they should be the first point of contact for parents. Simply call the main office number and leave a message that includes your most reachable daytime phone number and the best time to call. If you have not heard from a teacher within 2 days please email the vice-principal assigned to your child's surname and they can assist you in making contact with the teacher.


B) Guidance Counsellors can help with general academic concerns, personal issues and student needs but will not discuss colleagues. They are assigned alphabetically by students’ last names.  


C) Vice Principals are another point of contact if you wish to discuss academic concerns, personal issues and student needs. They are also assigned alphabetically by students’ last names.


D) The Principal is the final in-school contact available for discussing concerns.