Principal's Message

A Message From Your Principal

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute (ECI) is a community-oriented secondary school steeped in academic excellence and stellar leadership development since 1928. For over 25 years, we have fine-tuned our successful White Pine Leadership program - an ECI tradition shared by generations of students who throughout their lives continue to benefit from this extraordinary leadership experience.

ECI is committed to taking leadership a step further by investing and developing an additional and more formalized leadership program called Leaders of Tomorrow (“LofT”). LofT encourages students to grow and lead in their areas of interest, whether in academics, arts, athletics or social justice and citizenship. As an innovative certificate program that furthers our goal in developing strong community leaders through its unique design and achievement-based expectations, we believe that this will not only aid our students in putting forth their postsecondary applications,  but will also enable them to more seamlessly transition to postsecondary life.

In order to meet our goals of providing exceptional academic and leadership opportunities, ECI focuses on students’ personal growth by challenging them socially, emotionally and intellectually to find their leadership niche. Yes, academics are important, but we also believe leadership develops out of a variety of experiences. ECI’s programs (drama, art and robotics), as well as its myriad of clubs, athletics and co-op placements provide multiple avenues for success. We observe leadership maturation regularly when students discover their strengths and develop, grow, share and encourage others to find their place within ECI’s spirited environment.

ECI is steered by dedicated administrators, high-calibre teachers and an enthusiastic student body and council. Generous alumni and a supportive parent council help fundraise and assist with communication, community engagement and marketing initiatives. We continue to nurture and appreciate the mutually beneficial relationship developed over many decades with the community. Together, our success evolves through volunteers and hosting vibrant student-sponsored charity events, theatre productions, sporting events and concerts.

Please explore our website further to understand how ECI thrives on “Semper Ad Meliora” - Always Towards the Better.