The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is an Ontario designation that allows students to focus on developing skills that match their individual abilities and interests.  Students are required to complete a bundle of nine grade 11 and 12 courses related to the SHSM Sector. At Etobicoke Collegiate Institute, we offer two Specialist High Skills Majors; Engineering Technologies and Digital Design. 

The SHSM program includes:

4 "major"  grade 11 or 12 credits in Program area 

Sector-recognized certifications and training courses 

Experiential learning (including  2 credits in Cooperative Education credits and participation in robotics competitions)

Three other required credits in grade 11 and 12 English, Mathematics and Science or Art

Field trips to post-secondary  destinations  or skills competitions

Opportunities for Dual Credit programs at Seneca, George Brown or Humber College

Students who complete the SHSM requirements graduate with a red seal on their diploma. This will indicate that a student has gained valuable sector-specific skills and knowledge and is better prepared for their post-secondary goals. 

Grade 10 students who are interested in signing up for the SHSM program, or if you would like more information, please contact Ms. Oxley, the Student Success Teacher.