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Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

Student Administrative  Council


 E-T-O-B-I-C-O-K-E! LET’S GO! Student council is here raising school spirit and school funds. Together we have and will continue to climb the CN Tower, collect donations for the food bank, raise money for numerous charities and so much more. Clubs and societies continue to grow and play a large role in building students leadership skills and the Student Council is here to help them continue to do so. We have events every month so look for updates and ways you can get involved in your school and community. We are a hard working group of students that represent what it means to be a RAM. Welcome to our school where we wear the Green, Garnet and Gold with pride.

Who is SAC?

President - Declan Taylor

Vice-President – Megan Landman

Secretary – Josh Olowoyeye

Treasurer – Emma Kipin

Event Coordinator – Nina Antonenco

Publicity Coordinator – Caleigh Campbell

Grade 12 Representative – Rachele Schutte

Grade 11 Representative – Jordan Lang

Grade 10 Representative – Andrew Blackwell

Grade 9 Representative – TBD Election in October

These students make up the 68th Student Council at ECI.


A word from President Declan Taylor,

Hello ECI students, teachers, and parents! Myself, and the rest of the 2016/2017 student council are very excited to welcome you all into what we hope will be a great year at ECI, both academically and in extracurriculars. This is my second year on SAC, and we have quite a few great events in the works. We are going to coordinate barbecues, and repeat some great events such as the Film Festival and the Holiday Assembly. We also have some new initiatives planned, including some fundraising events to help replace some AV equipment in the auditorium.

Last year was a great success in all aspects of school life, and we are enthusiastic to try and enrich the school even further. This year we hope to impact the school - and the greater community - by working on environmental issues such as bringing back Eco-Schools and supporting social justice initiatives in addition to our usual school events.

ECI is a spirited place, and I, with the rest of SAC, want to show this to our new grade nines and remind the community of our continuing growth in enthusiasm and academia.

From Vice-President Landman,

Well, when I became Vice President, I didn’t even get to meet president Obama. Our office isn’t even shaped like an oval, and on top of that we didn’t get any helicopters. But, nonetheless, I am honoured to be the 68th Vice President of ECI and work alongside the student council to continue building a community where every student has a place. We have built a community where everyone is given the chance to shine, and so many events throughout the year that we can enjoy together — the barbecues, sports games, and ECI hype to name a few. Three years ago I entered the building for the first time as a terrified grade 9, totally unaware of the opportunities that lay before me. If you feel the same, you can surely come visit us the SAC office where we can help you begin your journey. The 68th student council is very excited to bring new endeavours and adventures to the student life here at ECI! Thank you all for your support.

Follow us here, like our facebook page "eci events" and on twitter @sactusthecactus for more information and news on upcoming events.

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