Frequently Asked Questions

What forms need to be filled out?

Medical Information Form - Form 511E (PDF file) - Form 511E (Word file)

Parent/Guardian Permission for Excursion - Form 511C (PDF file) - Form 511C (Word file)
Agreement to participate form

What do students need to bring to Mono Cliffs?
Lunch for the first day (lunch needs to be ready to eat and contain no
peanuts, nuts or nut products) Click for ideas for a "Waste-free lunch"
Click for a drawing of a great way of “Dressing for the Weather”
Click for the “Equipment and Clothing Checklist”

Health reminder:
If you indicated on the Medical Form (511C) that your child needs to bring
an Asthma Puffer or EPIpen with him or her, the puffer or EPIpen MUST be brought to Mono Cliffs.

Where do students eat?
Click to see our dining room
If a student has any dietary restrictions, make sure that they are clearly indicated
on the health form, so that our chef can be ready to serve him or her.

Where do students sleep?
Click to see a dorm bedroom

What does a usual day look like?
Click to see the schedule

What programs will students be doing?
In consultation with our staff, programs are chosen by the teachers
bringing their students to Mono Cliffs. These programs have curriculum
links to enrich the learning going on in the city classroom. Click for
a link to our programs descriptions.

What will the weather be like?
Click for a link to the local weather