Community Connections

How do various groups of people get along as a community?

Students will explore how various groups of people have interacted with each other throughout time. (e.g. Indigenous communities, Early Settlers, animal communities, classroom community)

Fall = Fall Winter = Winter Spring = Spring March (Sap Season) = Sap Season

Program Options Season(s) Offered
Cooperative Games FallWinterSpring
Cooperative Orienteering FallWinterSpring
Early Settlers Hike FallWinterSpring
Early Settlers - Log Cabin FallWinterSpring
Ecology/Geology Hike FallWinterSpring
Endangered Species FallWinterSpring
Environmental Improvement Project FallSpring
Fur Traders FallWinterSpring
High Ropes FallSpring
Indigenous Communities FallWinterSpring
Instincts for Survival FallWinterSpring
Maple Sugar Bush Community Sap Season
Team Building and Low Elements FallWinterSpring
Treasure Mapping fallwinterspring
Wolf Prowl FallWinterSpring

 * Activities described in any of these programs may need to be revised depending on a number of factors during your trip, for example: weather, time constraints, or group size.