Mono Cliffs Trip Checklist for Teachers

1. Show Mono Cliffs PowerPoint to ALL students and staff who will be on the trip.

2. Choose activities for your students with Mono Cliffs Staff appropriate to the season, grade level and objectives of your trip.

3. Hand out the following forms to students: 511C (Parent/Guardian Permission Form)

                                                                   511E (Medical Information Form)

                                                                   (TDSB has translations of 511C and 511E into many different languages)

                                                                    Agreement to Participate.
Hand out the following information: Letter to Parents, Dressing for the Weather and Clothing Checklist.

4. Collect completed forms. Make sure all Health forms have Ontario Health numbers.

5. Decide which teacher will drive his or her vehicle to Mono Cliffs. You must have one vehicle on site throughout your entire trip in case of an emergency.

6. Completed Medical Awareness and Dietary Restrictions Summary Form on AW shared Google doc two weeks prior to trip. We need this to order appropriate food for your group.

7. Assign students to Activity Groups, Evening Activity Groups, Dorm Rooms, Dining Room Tables and Bus Seats. Completed forms to Mono Cliffs on google docs 1 week prior to trip.

8. Collect and bring supplies to engage students during free time: movies, books, games, and music. Bring notebooks and writing materials for student journals (we also have a selection of journal pages).

9. Just prior to the trip please remind students to:

                                                            -pack appropriate clothing for the season and OUTDOOR activities  (Classes are outside for 2.5 hours at a time)

                                                            -pack medication including puffers, insect repellent (from May to October), sunscreen

                                                             -bring their first day lunch. It should be a ready to eat bag lunch, free from nuts or nut  products. We are a nut-sensitive facility. Teachers need to pack a lunch too.

10. With students, review expectations and procedures. Discuss purpose of trip and individual responsibilities.

11. Record the home and cell phone number of your principal in case of an emergency.

12. Leave an accurate copy of Bus Manifest with your school office before you board the bus.

13. Check that students have needed medication before they board the bus.

14. Take the following on the bus: accurate Bus Manifest

                                                                             Health Forms

                                                                             Agreement to Participate Forms

                                                                             Student Group lists

                                                                             Dorm lists

                                                                              Dining Room Seating Plan.

If you have any questions with regards to your trip please contact us:
PHONE NUMBER: 905-452-0505 or 1-519-942-0330.