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Helmets and Mountain Biking

When choosing the Mountain biking program keep in mind that students and teachers will be required to wear a helmet. Helmets must fit the participant`s head correctly. If any students wear Jooras or Patkas please notify parents that they need to be adjusted to the base of the head before the trip. If any headwear or hair style cannot be adjusted to accommodate the correct fitting of the helmet the student or teacher will not be allowed to participate in the activity for safety reasons.

Program Description:

Using Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre equipment (including helmets), students learn how to correctly adjust a bicycle to fit and about the working parts of a bicycle. They are engaged in a lesson on how to ride a bike on various off-road conditions and practice skills riding up and down hills, making turns, braking and changing gears. Students are then led by our staff on nearby trails.

Please note that we can only do one of High Ropes or Mountain Biking in a two and a half day visit.

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