Parent/Teacher Interviews

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The teaching staff of Etobicoke Collegiate would like to meet with you on Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. or 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. to discuss your child’s academic progress. It is important to your child’s success that you are informed of any difficulties that he/she might be experiencing. We strongly encourage you to come during the afternoon session if you are available at this time, as we expect that the evening session will be quite busy. You may consider having your child accompany you to your appointments to jointly discuss their results with the teachers.

As in the past, we are booking appointments online. Please make your appointments online by following the instructions listed below. You will be able to schedule appointments from March 29th at 9:00 pm until April 3rd at 12 noon. If you do not have access to the internet at home or in the workplace please call parentInterview toll-free at 1-866-810-0076 and someone will be happy to make your appointments with you. If you experience any difficulty using the service, please email

Please keep in mind that each appointment is only 10 minutes in length. More detailed discussions with a teacher could be arranged for a later date. If you see that there are no more interview times available, your name can be put on an “Overflow List” to see if an appointment becomes available. There will be a follow-up phone call with all parents remaining on the overflow list.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, April 4, 2019.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To book your Parent/Teacher interview appointments online, please follow the instructions outlined below.


1. Prepare a list with the names of each teacher you would like to meet.

2. Go to the Etobicoke Collegiate scheduling website at

3. Enter your child's 9-digit student number and click "Sign In"

4. Fill in your contact information and click "Continue to Make Appointments"

5. Click on the name of a teacher with whom you wish to schedule an appointment

6. Click on "Available" for a time at which you wish to meet with that teacher

7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you have scheduled all the teachers you wish to see

8. Click on "My Schedule" (top left of the page)

9. Print out (or copy down) your schedule and bring it with you

You will be allowed to schedule appointments with up to 5 teachers. Should you wish to delete an appointment you have made, click on "Delete" beside the meeting you wish to have removed from your schedule. If you decide to delete an appointment, that time slot will become available for other parents. There are no guarantees that you will be able to reschedule that appointment.

If you misplace your schedule, you may use your child's student number to retrieve your schedule from the website at any time.

If you experience any difficulty using the service, please email

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute (ECI) was founded in 1928 on the principles of high academic standards. 

As a full service secondary school we strive to reach the needs of individual students to prepare them for post-secondary success. If you are motivated to excel in both your academic and personal achievements then our school community is for you

Renowned for our strong leadership programs, incoming students may choose to be part of our Leadership Development stream. As a moderately sized school of 1000 students, we are able to offer our students a wide array of courses, opportunities and activities both inside and outside the classroom. Explore our school website to get a more detailed look at who we are. 

Our staff and community partners believe that excellence in the high school experience extends beyond the classroom.  To promote social, emotional, and intellectual growth, we offer students opportunities for responsible leadership through our wide array of extra-curricular clubs and organizations. Our new formalized Leadership Development Program let students grow in the area that interests them - Academics, the Arts, Athletics and Social Justice and Citizenship are the focus choices students follow as part of their personal plan.

In addition, students have many ways to get involved in our many extra-curricular programs which include:

  • a variety of sports teams;
  • music, drama and art productions;  
  • Student and Athletic Council;
  • EcoClub
  • Rotary Interact Club
  • Homework Club
  • Knitting Club
  • ....and many, many more.