Media Arts Grade 10 - ASM201

Students are introduced to digital photography and film. The world is a visual place and understanding the graphic and aesthetic presentation of our culture is crucial to rounding a student's literacy for the 21st century. Using the language of Visual Arts, we manipulate elements and principles of design as well as basic photographic composition methods to learn to frame images effectively. Self expression and communication for the contribution of ideas to society are also the media artist's goals. Students must understand and use digital file saving methods to maximize the quality of images within economical formats.


Visual Arts Grade 10 - AVI 201

The Grade 10 Visual Arts open course has been organized into units that integrate the elements of design and principles of composition, art history concepts, creative processes and problem solving skills into studio based art activities. Students will be given an introduction to tools and materials as well as a range of approaches involving each. Art criticism and analysis are skills that will be used regularly when viewing historical artworks and when self-evaluating their own work. The sketchbook will play a vital role with a place for preliminary research and process work (Thinking and Inquiry).

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