Computer Studies

Computer Studies

Grade 10 Introduction to Computer Studies - ICS2O1
This course will introduce anyone, from beginners to experienced individuals, various forms of computer programming and web development. There is absolutely NO prerequisite knowledge for this course, aside from knowing the basics of how to operate your computer and surf the web! You will learn how to create your own webpage using cutting edge web standards found in HTML 5, style your webpage to look like anything using CSS, create your own basic computer programs driven by fundamental programming concepts using the Python programming language, and create your very own Android smartphone app!  In addition to other relevant technology related topics, this course covers a variety of things that will keep you up to date, and in the loop, with the latest in technological advancements!

ICS201 Course Outline

Grade 11 Introduction to Computer Studies - ICS3U1
This course will continue working off the programming fundamentals learned in ICS2O1. It will cover more advanced topics and structures, enabling you to create more interesting, complex, and ultimately rewarding programs. All programs will be written in Python, with the summative project for the year being the creation of your very own computer game! Whether you are interested in pursuing computer related studies in the future, or simply want to make your own game, this course is for you!

ICS3U1 Course Outline

Grade 12 Computer Science - ICS4U1

This course aims to prepare you for computer science beyond highschool. Whether it be in a post-secondary institution, a start-up software, hardware, any technology-related company, or just a hobby, this course teaches you detailed, and advanced programming concepts, utilizing a foundational high-level programming language such as C++ or JAVA. The concepts learned are applicable and easily translatable to any
other languages you might learn in the future. This course is conducted at a flexible pace, and allows for either, or both, much independent and/or group work. If this sounds interesting to you, sign up for this course next year!

ICS4U1 Course Outline