Ontario College Application (OCAS) Date

February 1, 2017:     Equal consideration date … all applications received at OCAS by this date will be considered equally by the colleges. 

                                    After this date, applications are still processed, but are considered by colleges on a first-come, first-served basis. If a program is ‘oversubscribed’ (highly-competitive), you will not be accepted if you apply after this date.

                                    This is also the earliest release date for offers from a college. Offers will continue to be issued until programs are filled or wait-lists are established. This the earliest date that applicants may confirm an offer of admission.

May 1, 2017:             Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer by this date through the website: ontariocolleges.ca.

You may confirm only one offer at a time. After you have confirmed an offer, you may change your mind and confirm a different offer. This new confirmation will cancel the previous confirmation. Other colleges to which you applied will be informed that you confirmed to another program. This may affect your offer status at other institutions. Contact the colleges for further details.

June 15, 2017:                        The earliest date that a college can require payment of a deposit for tuition fees.

www.ontariocolleges.ca - to search for programs and apply to an Ontario College on-line.

www.ouac.on.ca - to apply to an Ontario university on-line, including an application tutorial.

www.electronicinfo.ca - to search for Ontario university information including programs, prerequisites, cut-off averages, costs, scholarships, etc.

www.osca.ca – Ontario School Counsellors’ website has many links with useful information for parents and students (website is currently being updated).

www.osap.gov.on.ca  (Ontario Student Assistance Program) – once students have confirmed their post-secondary choice, they can apply for a student loan on this website (usually opens in April or early May).

College Information

Guidance counsellors will continue the process of post-secondary planning during the senior grade assemblies in September. On November 4 we will have an information assembly to begin the application process. In December we will schedule appointments with students who have indicated an interest in applying to an Ontario college but students are encouraged to book an appointment before December when they are ready to apply.

Information about Ontario Colleges can be found on the OCAS website at http://www.ontariocolleges.ca.

We remind students not to miss the 'equal consideration' application deadline of February 1, 2017.