Grade 10 Courses

Grade 10 Academic Notes

Grade 10 Academic Homework

This is the homework for the semester.  Always check with the teacher for any additional homework or changes.

Grade 10 Math

Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 10, Applied - MFM2P1

Topics of Study: Proportional Reasoning, Equations and Formulas, Linear Functions, Systems of Linear Equations, Similar Triangles, Trigonometry, Quadratic Functions, Algebraic Expressions, and Quadratic Problems.
Prerequisite: Grade 9 Math, Academic

Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10, Academic - MPM2D1 (MPM2D3)

Topics of Study: Linear Systems, Analytic Geometry, Polynomials, Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Equations, and Trigonometry.
Prerequisite: Grade 9 Math, Academic

Mathematics, Grade 10, Locally Developed - MAT2L1
Topics of Study: Extending money sense, Extending understanding of measurement, Extending understanding of proportional reasoning using everyday problems
Prerequisite: Any Grade 9 Math

Grade 10 Students choosing Grade 11 courses, please read the following:
 Students can take the Applied/College stream even if they are going to university.
 College Level does NOT mean that students can only go to college.
 College Level only means that students will not be studying Math in university. (e.g. languages, most social sciences, arts, etc.)

 Students from MFM2P1 should be choosing MBF3C1. Speak to your teacher if you are choosing another course.
 MCF3M1 is almost the same course as prepared to work!