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Grade 11 Math

Functions, Grade 11, University - MCR3U1 (MCR3U3)

Topics of Study: Linear and Quadratic Relations, Financial Applications of Sequences and Series, Trigonometric Functions, and Tools for Operating and Communicating with Functions.
Prerequisite: Grade 10 Math, Academic (recommended that students have a minimum of 70% in MPM2D1)

Information about the Grade 11 University Math (MCR3U):
 This program is for students who are going to study Math, Sciences or Business programs etc.
 This course is challenging and fast-paced. Most students find Grade 11 difficult even if they did not find Grade 10 Academic difficult.
 All students work harder in Grade 11 Math than they did in Grade 10 Academic in order to maintain their mark.
 Students should have a mark of at least 70% in Grade 10 Academic if they are going to register for this course. Start working to achieve 70% or higher right now if you are planning to take MCR3U1.

 A mark below the recommended 70% frequently means that students do not have a strong enough background from Grade 10, and may not meet with success in Grade 11 or will pass with insufficient knowledge to carry on with the challenges of Grade 12 Math courses.

Functions and Applications, Grade 11, University/College - MCF3M1
Topics of Study: Quadratic Relations/Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Exponential Functions, Financial Applications, and Tools for Operating and Communicating with Functions.
Prerequisite: Grade 10 Math, Academic or Applied. Highly recommend 2D since this course is very similar to MCR3U1

Foundations for Mathematics, Grade 11, College - MBF3C1
Topics of Study: Quadratic Relations, Models of Exponential Growth, 
Applications of Compound Interest and Annuities, Personal Financial Decisions, Probability and Statistics, Geometry and Trigonometry,
Prerequisite: Grade 10 Math, Academic or Applied

Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 11, Workplace Preparation - MEL3E1

Students will solve problems associated with earning money, paying taxes, and making purchases; apply calculations of simple and compound interest in saving, investing, and borrowing; and calculate the costs of transportation and travel in a variety of situations.
Prerequisite: Any Grade 10 Math or Grade 9 Academic or Applied Math