Grade 10 Courses

Grade 10 Moderns Courses

Core French - Grade 10, Applied - FSF2P1

This course emphasizes the further development of oral communication, reading, and writing skills using a broad-based theme such as adolescence. Students will expand their knowledge of French by studying a series of theme-related topics, such as students’ rights and responsibilities, relationships with peers and adults, and part-time jobs. Prerequisite: Core French, Grade 9, Academic or Applied

Core French - Grade 10, Academic - FSF2D1

This course enables students to increase their knowledge of the French language, further develop their language skills, and deepen their understanding and appreciation of Francophone culture around the world. Exploring a variety of themes, students will develop and apply critical thinking skills in discussion, in their analysis and interpretation of texts, and in their own writing.
Prerequisite: Core French, Grade 9, Academic or Applied Recommended Preparation: Grade 9, Academic

Spanish - Level 1, Academic - LWEBD1

This course provides students with an introduction to the Spanish language. Students will begin to develop and apply their speaking skills in a variety of contexts, and will participate in activities that will improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. They will explore aspects of the culture of countries where Spanish is spoken.