Grade 9/10 Courses

Grade 9 and 10 Social Science & Humanities Courses

Individual and Family Living - Grade 9 Open - HIF1O1

This course explores the challenges faced by all people: how to meet basic needs, how to relate to others, how to manage resources, and how to be become responsible members of society. Students will acquire knowledge and skills that are needed to make the transition to adulthood. Teachers will instruct students in developing interpersonal, decision-making, and practical skills related to daily life. Students will explore the functioning of families and the diversities found amount families and within society


Food and Nutrition - Grade 10, Open - HFN2O1

This courses focuses on guidelines for making nutritious food choices. Students will investigate factors that influence food choices, including beliefs, attitudes, current trends, traditional eating patterns, food marketing strategies and individual needs.  Students will also explore the environmental impact of a variety of food choices at the local and global level.  The course provides students with opportunities to develop food preparation skills and introduces them to the use of social science research methods in the area of food and nutrition.  The students will thus have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in food labs, where they will prepare various food items such as baking cookies.