Technology Studies at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

Etobicoke Collegiate is very fortunate to have a broad range of Technology Shops (Auto-shop, Woodworking shop, Machine Shop) and specialized programs available to students. Students have many opportunities to develop skills related to design and technology use.  Our shops have a variety of modern tools and machines that will give students valuable experiences in Construction Technology, Transportation Technology and Manufacturing Engineering Technology.


Construction Technology- Woodworking

Construction Engineering Technology

Grade 10, TCJ2O1

This hands-on course centres on project-based learning that explores many aspects of the construction industry from electrical, building or custom woodworking. Students are to design and build projects using measurement instruments along with industry machines and tools. Students will use a design-based structure to solve technological problems through a variety of media and resources: identify support systems and components; apply safety rules related to materials, processes and equipment; and identify careers related to construction technology.


Construction Engineering Technology - Grade 11 College Preparation - TCJ3C1

This course focuses on residential, commercial, and/or recreational construction, emphasizing practical workplace applications, the development of generic employment skills, and preparation for apprenticeship and training programs. Students will learn about and gain practical experience with various types of materials, processes, labour, tools, and equipment used in the construction industry; technical drawings; and mechanical systems. They will also study industry standards and building codes, consider health and safety issues, and explore careers, the importance of lifelong learning, and the impact of construction technology on society and the environment.


Transportation Technology

Transportation Technology- Grade 10- TTJ2C

This hands-on course centres on project-based learning and introduces students to the service and maintenance of vehicles, aircraft and/or watercraft. Students will develop knowledge and skills related to the construction and operation of vehicle/craft systems and learn the maintenance and repair techniques. Student projects may include the construction of a self-propelled vehicle or craft, engine service, tire/wheel service, electrical/battery service and proper auto body care. Students will develop an awareness of the related environmental and societal issues and will explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the transportation industry.


Transportation Technology -Grade 11 – TTJ3C

This hands on course centres on project based learning to develop technical knowledge and skills as students study, test, service and repair engine, electrical, suspension, brake and steering systems on vehicles, auto craft and or watercraft. Students will develop communication teamwork skills through practical tasks, using a variety of tools and equipment. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and society issues related to transportation and will learn about apprenticeship and college programs leading to careers in the transportation industry.


Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Technological Design - Grade 11, University/College Preparation - TDJ3M1

In this course, students will continue to design and build solutions to a variety of increasingly challenging technological problems. Working individually and in small groups, they will learn to analyze a problem, design, create, test and implement a solution. Skills acquired during this course will include basic technical drawing (both by hand and on computer), working with a variety of hand and power tools. Students will also learn about a variety of exciting careers in the field of design.

Mechanical & Industrial Design - Grade 11, University/College Preparation - TDM3M1

This course provides students with opportunities to apply the principles of technological design to challenges in communications, manufacturing, electronics, transportation, architecture, industrial and consumer products, health and safety equipment, and environmental services. Students will identify user needs, estimate labour and material costs, analyze material characteristics, and illustrate design solutions, using traditional and computer-based methods. They will also acquire the basic design skills required for post-secondary studies in engineering manufacturing, architecture, and construction. 
Recommended Preparation: Technological Design, Grade 10, Open

Manufacturing Technology - Grade 11, College Preparation - TMJ3C1/TMJ3M1

Students will solve problems and make the critical decisions necessary to develop efficient production systems. They will also study the broad range of career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector and their educational requirements, and will research the scope of the manufacturing industry and the impact of its products on individuals, society, and the environment. 
Recommended Preparation: Manufacturing Technology, Grade 10, Open


Robotics and Control Systems - Grade 11, College and  University Preparation - TMR3M1

This course enables students to develop knowledge and skills related to design, process planning, control system, repair and maintenance of robotic systems. Students will use a broad range of tools and equipment while acquiring engineering and fabrication skills, and combine manufacturing techniques as they develop critical decision-making, problem-solving and project managerial skills. Etobicoke Collegiate Institute is represented by Team 2185 at FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition, since 2007. Students will learn the fundamentals of robot building and the importance of timelines as they build a robot in 6 weeks to perform a task in the competition.