Grade 10 Courses

Grade 10 Technology Courses

Technological Design - Grade 10, Open - TDJ2O1

Students will learn to design and build solutions to a variety of challenging technological problems. Working individually and in small groups, they will learn to analyze a problem, design, create, test and implement a solution. Skills acquired during this course will include basic technical drawing (both by hand and on computer), working with a variety of hand and power tools, and an introduction to 3D printing. An awareness of exciting careers in the field of design will be developed.

Manufacturing Technology - Grade 10, Open - TMJ2O1

This course introduces students to the scope of the manufacturing industry, the various components used in the design of products, the industrial tools and equipment used, and methods of manufacturing, including assembly-line production. Students will learn about technical drawing, preparation processes; manufacturing techniques; power, electronic, and quality control systems; careers in the manufacturing field; and the role of entrepreneurs in Canadian society.

Construction Engineering Technology - Grade 10, Open - TCJ2O1

This course requires students to design, build, and evaluate projects using design instruments and machine and hand tools. Students will solve technological problems through a variety of media; identify and describe building materials and other resources needed to construct, maintain, and service buildings; identify support systems and components; apply safety rules related to materials, processes, and equipment; identify common architectural styles; and identify careers related to construction technology.

Communication Technology - Grade 10, Open - TGJ2O1

This course introduces students to communications technology from the media perspective. This will be a projects based, hands on course. Projects will include computer based activities such as creating short documentaries, digitally editing photographs, and working with audio/music, online cartooning, developing animations and designing web pages. Students will be introduced and trained on a number of industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and After Effects. Students will explore secondary and post secondary education and training pathways and career opportunities in the various communications technology fields.