Grade 12 Courses

Grade 12 Technology Courses

Construction Engineering Technology - Grade 12, College Preparation - TCJ4C1

This course focuses on advanced residential construction, more complex construction systems, and the introduction of heavy construction related to commercial, industrial, and/or recreational construction. Students will learn about the tools, materials, equipment, and methods used in the light and heavy construction industries; structural analysis and design; presentation and working drawings; and auxiliary systems. They will also estimate materials and labour costs; study industry standards and building codes; consider health and safety issues; and explore energy conservation, careers, and the impact of construction technology on society and the environment.
Prerequisite: Construction Technology, Grade 11,
College Preparation

Construction Technology (2 Credits) - Grade 11/12 College Preparation - TCJ3C2/TCJ4C2

This project based 2 credit course is intended to provide lots of hands-on experience, practical and theoretical knowledge for students interested in pursuing careers in construction, or the fast growing field of renovation. It is also suitable for those with a passion for working with their hands, or dream one day of buying and maintaining their own home. Among the many interesting topics covered are theatrical set design and construction.

Mechanical & Industrial Design - Grade 12, University/College Preparation - TDM4M1

This course provides students with opportunities to solve problems in design through the use of technical drawings, model building, testing, and marketing. Students will research, design, and test solutions for residential or commercial architecture, industrial engineering, and manufacturing. They will also examine the educational requirement of a technical-design-related career in engineering, architecture, or industrial design.
Prerequisite: Mechanical & Industrial Design, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Robotics and Control Systems - Grade 12, University/College Preparation - TMR4M1

This course enables students to develop knowledge and skills related to design, process planning, control system, repair and maintenance of robotic systems. Students will use a broad range of tools and equipment while acquiring engineering and fabrication skills, and combine manufacturing techniques as they develop critical decision-making, problem-solving and project managerial skills. Etobicoke Collegiate Institute is represented by Team 2185 at FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition, since 2007. Students will learn the fundamentals of robot building and the importance of timelines as they build a robot in 6 weeks to perform a task in the competition.

Interactive New Media & Animation - Grade 12, University/College Preparation - TGI4M1

Students will apply what they learned in TGI3M1 and create a personal film using the technique of their choice. 3D Maya software will also be introduced and explored.
Prerequisite: Interactive New Media & Animation, Grade 11, University/College Preparation