Camp White Pine

Camp White Pine

White Pine Leadership Camp is an integral part of the ECI educational experience and it’s the differentiating opportunity that separates us from other schools.  We continue to value, support and invest in leadership because students are able to utilize their new skills not only in the classroom but in all facets of life, long after they finish at ECI.

Camp White Pine is a huge undertaking.  The lead-up to the event requires a full year of planning by a select group of 13 students known as the White Pine Exec.  They work to coordinate and train the entire team of 80+ program leaders to organize five days of dawn to dusk camp activities.  These activities help students build confidence, encourage positive risk-taking and ultimately nurture leadership and growth.

The cost for White Pine is $350 for the 5 days and it includes all food and accommodations. Vice Principals Ms. Greeley and Mr. Genge can discuss financial aid options with families that require assistance. Also, ECI coordinates an annual "Send A Kid to Camp," campaign. Etobicoke CI parents are asked if they can make a donation to help cover the full or partial cost for other students that may not be able to take advantage of this invaluable program for financial reasons. These donations are matched by our generous donor through the Rai$e-a-Ruckus campaign. Our School Council Fund Raising Committee also annually dedicates funds to families that need assistance for camp.

Camp White Pine is a truly important and memorable part of a student's time at ECI.  If you have a child in grade 9 this year, I strongly recommend that you encourage them to come.

C. Rath