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It’s been a long time coming – just ask Madeleine Arsenault, member of the ECI Fundraising Committee. In 2011, she and Sharon MacKenzie were coordinating bake sales and knocking on local business doors to raise money for the music department. Later that year, they joined forces with School Council in what became a strategic and school-wide RAI$E-A-RUCKUS fundraising campaign. “It’s beyond gratifying to finally see this new lab at ECI, not only a physical reaffirmation of the positive changes for students, their programs and ECI’s facilities, but a symbolic one too, of the power to effect change when we all get involved,” says Madeleine.

A team of many, including, volunteers, school staff, students, ECI families, Alumni, the local business community and a very generous anonymous Alumnus donor, all contributed to this milestone at ECI.

In addition to other recent enhancements at ECI, electronic music classes will be officially available to students with state-of-the-art computer workstations starting second semester. Ms. Mutter Abd-Elmessih, Assistant Curriculum Leader, for The Arts and Music, has been busy organizing the lab and is eager for students to now have the opportunity to develop their music interests further. “What better way to share the thrill of this accomplishment than hearing from a few students who have already experienced the benefits of the lab,” says Ms. Mutter Abd-Elmessih.

The new music lab allowed us to come together as a group when deciding what to play at the recent Holiday Concert and the Parent Social at the Crooked Cue. We can now research the music on the computers, listen to the pieces and access the sheet music. Thank you to all the donors for these computers and keyboards. It’s been very helpful and exciting to use them! It’s so amazing how people have made donations and how their generosity is helping ECI’s music program. Thank you!”

Testimonial by Grade 9 students: Jessica F. and Mara N.


RAI$E-A-RUCKUS! is a campaign that the School Council of Etobicoke Collegiate Institute has initiated to raise funds for our Arts, Athletics and Leadership programs. (Ruckus is the name of our school mascot!)

Donate Online 

Donate online using the link directly above, or if you would like to make a donation by cash or cheque, it can be dropped off in the main office of the school. All cheques can be made out to TDSB-ECI.


Total Donations as of August 31st, 2017 = $160,112.50

We also have funding from a matching grant of $250,000 by an anonymous Alumnus that will match donations which means we are at $320,225.00!

If you are interested in helping out with our campaign, contact our Secretary/Treasurer, Kathy D'Angelo at: kathy.dangelo@rogers.com

(Please note that if you are donating online via the link above it will take you to our "Toronto Foundation For Student Success.ca" page, which only shows the donations made via the online route, so the dollar figure does not include money that has been donated by cash or cheque.


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