Thank You To The Following Donors!

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Total Donations as of January 31st, 2016 = $150,500.00

We also have funding from a matching grant of $250,000 by an anonymous Alumnus that will match all donations which means we are at $301,000!

Thank you to the following donors!
427 Collision Ltd.

Lisa Adams

Allan Family
(In memory of Charles J. Allan 1944-1949)

Cleave Anderson
(Class of 1971)

Gordana Andjelkovic
(Thanks for your efforts to raise the profile of ECI in the neighbourhood and beyond)


Anonymous 1975-78

Coral Arsenault

Dr. Roger Avila @ Islington Bloor Dentist


Ilona Bacal

Mary Ellen Baker

Laura Barnard

Andra Barr

Christina (Boshnakis) Barr
(Class of '79)

Jackie & David Bell

Caron & Terry Bell

 Joan Berndt

Bero Motors Ltd. (1984)

Sylvia and Peter Boen

Scott Bond

Harvey Botting
(In honour of Don Strathdee)

Morleen (Carscallen) Bousfield

Nicole Bowman
(ECI 2000)

Paul Brace
(Class of 1976 GYM!!!)

Kathryn Bradbeer
(Bradbeer Family)

Celeste & Gareth Brennan

Brentwood Shoe Repair

Bev Jones & Steve Broadhurst

Liane Brodie

Robert Brodie

Brown/Peacock Family
(We are proud and grateful to be part of such a wonderful school)

Doug Brummer

Phil Buckley
(Thank you for all of your hard work. You are making a huge positive difference!
Wishing you the best, Phil & Barb)

Dr. Joe Bulger @ Royal York Dental

Nancy Burrows

Dr. William C. Buttimer
(Hope you receive considerable support for your projects)

Virginia Byron
(Class of '76, GAA member, Athlete of the Year '76)


Ana Cacoilo

James Cade

Casual Affairs Clothing

Michael Cavadias

Don Chambers
(Class of 1952)

Dr. Clive Chamberlain

Cassie Connolly & Larry Chapman

Joseph Chisholm

Karen Chmielewski
(Class of 1984)

John and Caroline Cho
(Good luck on your fundraising campaign! - Alumni 1995)

Richard Choi

Adam Churtz
(Class of 2002)

Jane Cianter

Cinespace Film Studios

Jeff Coatsworth

Angela & Dorne Collison

Colours Etobicoke Inc.

Joan Colson

Sally I. Coomber
(In memory of my father "Pete Jackson")

(In memory of Nancy McKillop, long time teacher and librarian)

Cos on The Kingsway

Maria Cosburn

Peter Cox
 (Class of 1967)

Rob Crawford

David Cunningham

D'Angelo Family

Carlos Dacosta

Julie Maciura & Christopher Davidson

Steve Davies

Dr. Deidre Dawson

Giuseppe Joe DeFilippis

Kimberly DeLonghi

Kevin Donovan

Sandra & Dave Dryden
(Class of 58/59)

Fay Duffy
(Class of '79)

Druanne Demski

Daria (Szklar) Demyan
(Class of '79)

Catherine & Hugh Desbrisay

Vivian (Krygeris) Dick

Victor Dodig

Anne Dods

Allison Duff

Dr. Barbara Dunning Optometrists

ECI 12 Hour Run (2013 & 2014)

ECI Bake Sale (2015/16)

ECI Christmas Concert (2012/13/14)

ECI Community Christmas 2013

ECI Clothing Sale (2015/16)

ECI Haunted House (2015/16)

ECI Legally Blonde Theatre 2013 

ECI Magnets (2013/14)

ECI March Madness Basketball (2014/15)

ECI Opus Concert 2014

ECI Parent Social (2013/14/15)

ECI  QSP Campaign (2013/14)

ECI RamJams (2013/14/15/16)

ECI White Pine Spirit Day 2013

Anthony Edwards
(Class of 1984)

Jennifer Visser & RIchard Efting

Matt Ellis

Matina & Scott Elsey

Bette (Tash) Barrett Esch
(Good Luck with your Fundraising)

Excalibur Comics

Rita Fabian
(Thank you for making my two children into monsters)

Laura Fairweather
(Class of 1978)

Andrea Fanjoy

Anna Anderson Federgreen
(ECI Arts)

Suzanne Ferguson

Susan & Brian Ferrier Baker

First Capital Realty Inc.

Joanne Forrest

Nancy Foster
 (Class of 1973)

Cosimo Fragomeni
(Happy to Help ECI RAI$E-A-RUCKUS! Good Luck!
COS Hair Team @ COS on The Kingsway Salon & Spa

Darlene Fraser
(Class of 1972)

Fresh-Up Cleaners
(All the best on this initiative!)

Friends of the Etobicoke Community Concert Band

(Class of 1978)


Gabby's Grill & Taps

Gallery Homes

Robin Gardner
(Class of 1960)

Tara George

George Gettas

Claire Woolford & Griffin Gettas

Vilma Gianfelice
(Class of '79)

Gibson Cleaners

Anne Giroux

Aferdita Muciqui Gjebre

Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network

Heather & Mark Gordon
(Our first year at ECI and its great! Really want to exceed the goal! GO GO GO ECI!!!)

Andrew Graham

Anita Gravelle

Carol Gray

M. Lizette Green
 (Class of '79)

Growing Minds

Gail Grundy

Melvin Hawkrigg

Peter Helston
(Class of 1969)

Sam Hisey

Pam Hitchcock

Barry Hoffman
(Fond memories of my time there - good luck! ECI'69)

Holmes Family
(Class of 1971/2009 David, Diane, Matt & Jenny Holmes)

Gina Hong

Sandra & Steven Horst

Gail Houston
(Class of 1957)

Paul Howard

Vlasta Hrdlovicova

Robert Hull

Humberview Motors

Judy Huyer


Nancy Iler
(Class of 1954)

Sam Ingraldi

In-House Freight
(Good Luck hitting your goal-it is a great cause and campaign!)

Judith Carrier Jackson

Nancy Jarvis

Julie Middleton & Christopher Jeens

Jeffrey Johnson
(ReMax Professionals Inc. Brokerage)

Lisa Jones

"Tribute to Robert Judge" - Class of 2005

Kako Family
Lara & Peter Kalins

Sue Kamalian

Rich Karfilis
(Class of 1977)

Iran Karimian

Kaufmann/Arsenault Family

Mary Lee Keefe
(Sutton Group Old Mill Realty)

Andrea (Keith) Kerr

Marilyn Kerr
(Class of 1967)

Mona Kibsey (nee Petersen)
(Class of 1954)

Jill & Henry Kim

Denyse & Adrian Kirby
(Happy Birthday Karen! A donation to RAI$E-A-RUCKUS! has been made in your name)

Kingsway Cruise ShipCenters

Bruce Klassen

Kashiong Koch

Oksana Krupa

Kyron Family


(Class of 1955)

Andrea Morra & Kelly Lang

Peter J. Laughton
(ECI 1960)

Bernie LeBlanc

Bruce Lee
(Principal 1983-90)

Fulton Lee
(Class of 1991)

So Li Lee

Mr. Marcus Leech
(Left ECI in 1982, but still have many, many fond memories.
Wish I could donate more, but every bit helps!)

Lens Design Ltd.

LePage & Stewart - Royal LePage Brokers

Living Lighting

A. Logan
(Children 1976, 77, 80)

Dr. Vance Logan

Katherine Lougheed
(Class of 1977)



Christie MacInnes
(Way to go RAR! Great spirit for improving the school for everyone. 
The Scheilbelhut Family)

Jennifer MacLean

Julie Maciura

MacKenzie/Alzo Family
(New Year wishes of success)

Karen Maddison

Kathy Kranias & Don Mal

 Guy Manuel

Frank Marciello

Marino's Lakeshore Automall

Andrew Marsh

Jennifer & Matthew Marczak
(Jennifer, Matthew, Elsa, Holden & Lindsay Marczak)

Mary Mazzei

Peter Mazzei
(Class of 2007)


Margaret McAuley
(Class of '72 - Concert Band member, Europe/Russia trip '71, Pit Band for Caberet, great memories!)

Margaret, Virginia & Fay McAulay
(In memory of our sister Ann)

Scott McCauley
(Class of 1980)



Kerry McDonald

Duncan McGregor
(A special "thank you" to all those who have worked so hard to make this campaign so successful.
The "goal" will be reached)

McKnight Family
(In support of a great school!)

Greg McKnight
(Good Luck in your efforts and Go Rams Go)

John Menecola

Karen Miller

Paul Miller

Janice & Patrick Monaghan

Neil Moore

Ronald C. Morrison

Moysiuk Family

Dr. Janice Mummery

Susan (Adams) Murray
(Happy to be here!)

Christy Murtha

Nera Nakic

Dr. Sky Nasienas & the team @ Royal York Orthodontics

Nancy Newton

Ken O'Brien
(Class of 1974)

Susan Ogurian

Old Mill Cadillac Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited

Optimists Club of Etobicoke Inc.

Surer H. Osoble

Julie & Ken Otto
(Otto Family Past, Present, Future)

Katie & Kevin Overstrom



Jackie Pardy

Chul Park

Sooln Park

Mary & Gary Patterson

Sandra Patterson
(Class of 1973 Sandra Currie)

Norma Pearce

Paul Pearson

Anahi Perlas

Liandra Christie-Perez

Elizabeth Perovic

Robert Pettigrew (ReMax)

Laura & Brad Pirie

Luigi Possamai

Gary Potter

Dr. Mark J. Quigley

Robynne Ostry & Jeff Reid

Dick Risk
(Class of 1953)

(Class of 1961)

Janet and Mike Robertson

Roxana Rodriguez

Alison Ronson

Kate Roscoe

Dr. Harold Rosenberg Dentistry
(Best of Luck with your fundraiser)

Rotary Club of Etobicoke

Nick Rovetti

Roma Rynda
(Class of 1974)


Irene Salo

Salo Family
(Peter, Maggie, Julian & Shari)

Nora Sanders

Scaffold-Russ Dilworth Limited

Scheibelhut Family

Patricia Guselle & Eric Schjerning


Linda & Philip Semple

Frank Serafini

Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota

Nicole Shaw

Shaw Family
(Donald & Ursula + Sabrina, Irving & Ramine -
Congratulations ECI! You were the best High School ever!)

Judy and Alan Sheils
(Class of 1955)

Julie Sheldon
(ECI was a huge part of shaping who I am today - especially the leadership program.
The least we can do is give back.)

Harold G. Shipp

Paul Siu
(Class of '79)

Courtenay Skeat

Anne Smellie
(Class of 1955 - Student Council, Etobian Staff, Head Prefect, Reunion Committee)

Bilyana Smudja

Vir Sodhi

Marc Solby

Solda Pools Ltd.

Larry Stacey

Marilyn & Rick Stern
(I challenge all the graduates of 1970's to support ECI!)

Elisabeth A. Strathdee

Cathy Streutker

Rob Strickland

Dr. Albert Strickler

Suon Center Inc.

Rachel Switz

Karen Sword
(Best Wishes for the campaign)

Taissa Inc.

Joseph Tassone
(Class of 1981)

David Teasdale

The Box Spot
(Good Luck!)

The Comb & Scissor

The Kingsway Conservatory of Music

Donna Thomas

Larry Thomas

Thrifty Rent-A-Car
Greg Tramble

Linda Jin-Troendle

J&J Turnbull

Laura & David Turner
(Thank you for your efforts fund-raising!)

Mary V. Turner

John & Barbara Tyers
(Class of 1957)

Paul Tyndall

Tyndall Family
(Class of 1982)

Antonio Valle

Leslie Vanderburgh
(on behalf of the Kim family)

Joanne & Jerry Vergeer

ViBo Restaurant

Auto Village

Steven Vujacic

Milica Vukovic


Evelyn (Lyn) Waddell

Peter & Grey Walker Contracting Ltd.

Brett Walker

Jane & Ian Watson

Bruce Weppler

West Toronto Dental Society

Catherine Wilkes

Jim Willoughby

Helene & James Wong

Caroline Woodward

Yvonne Worthy

Lisa & Paul Wray
(Class of 1982, and soon my 3 kids to be graduates of same great high school!)

Karen & Todd Yates
(Happy Birthday Karen! 
A donation to RAI$E-A-RUCKUS! has been made in your name by the
Barr, Dacyshyn, Kirby and Yates Families
Todd, Karen, Ryan & Adam Yates

Sookhee Yun

Elena Zimmermann

Roma (Potichny) Zyla
(Class of 1979)