Launching Online Communication to Help You Stay Informed

Our goal is to help the ECI community of parents, alumni and other stakeholders stay informed and engaged in School Council affairs. To date, that has involved gathering email addresses, organizing them and creating relevant material to send. We are charged with maintaining our area within as well. This is a team effort with considerable work being done by members: Cassie Connolly, Julie Maciura and Pradeep Pachai. When you see them, thank them.

We have also been engaged to help the ECI administration move online. In addition to the improved website, the school may also ramp up its email communication, which is exciting for most of us.

Over the coming months, we will make an effort to understand the areas that parents and others are most interested in and incorporate them into this publication and the Council meeting agenda. We will also explore other avenues of communication such as social media to see if there are benefits. Our primary focus, though, will be a regular newsletter with updates that are relevant and useful to you.


      The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Coming to a School Council Meeting

  1. It’s an opportunity to meet the School Principal, Vice-Principal and some teachers in an informal environment.
  2. There are brief, relevant presentations on how to help your child succeed at the school.
  3. You will get great advice and suggestions from parents, administrators and teachers on how PARENTS can best survive the high school years.
  4. Student leaders will share news on teams, clubs and events which you can in turn discuss with your child.
  5. Rest assured - no one will force you to make a donation or compel you to volunteer for a committee.
  6. You are new to this and you want to learn more about the school or you are experienced and you have something to share.
  7. You want to meet your neighbours who are also part of the school community.
  8. You want to know what is going on with the Community Engagement, Fundraising, Marketing and Communication committees or even the news from the TDSB.
  9. You have a suggestion or concern about the school and you want to be heard.
  10. Because you like the navigational challenge of finding the ECI library.

Please join us. You can bring a friend. The meetings are friendly, informal and helpful.