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Goal: “Increase the capacity of system leaders to implement evidence-based environmental education programming, practices, and operations.”
~ Ontario Ministry of Education, Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow (2009), p.18

Action: Schools will, “plan an environmentally responsible approach to managing resources and operations; facilitate sharing of staff expertise and knowledge through existing networks.”

We inspire students and visiting teachers (and their families) to live more sustainably by: packing waste free lunches, minimizing food waste at meals, sorting and recycling waste, and conserving energy through turning off lights and turning down the heat.

We create opportunities for students and visiting teachers to practice environmental leadership while at MCOEC and then support them to take that passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to environmental leadership back to their schools, homes and communities.

Students learn the value of composting and go home hopefully to inspire their family to use their green and recycling bins. Staff guides students in monitoring and recording their energy, water, and food waste in their dorms and in the dining hall throughout their stay.

This year we continue to give students the opportunity to take part in the Eco-Challenge Award. Throughout students’ visits we monitor and record their dining room food waste, turning lights off, water use and sorting recycling, compost and garbage. At the end of their trip, staff presents the final energy, water,
and food waste count.

One group of visiting students from this school year will be presented with a plaque to be hung in the school. The group’s school name will remain on our permanent plaque at Mono Cliffs.