Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing

How did/do Indigenous people learn about the world around them?

Students will be involved in programs that encourage investigation into the environment from an Indigenous perspective.

Fall = Fall Winter = Winter Spring = Spring March (Sap Season) = Sap Season

Program Options Season(s) Offered
Cross Country Skiing Winter
Endangered Species FallWinterSpring
Fur Traders FallWinterSpring
Indigenous Communities fallwinterspring
Indigenous Fire and Shelter Building FallWinterSpring
Indigenous Games FallWinterSpring
Indigenous Tools and Technology fallwinterspring
Maple Sugar Bush Maple Syrup
Snowshoeing Winter
Traditional Indigenous Hunting Techniques fallspring
Wolf Prowl fallwinterspring

* Activities described in any of these programs may need to be revised depending on a number of factors during your trip, for example: weather, time constraints, or group size.