Lakeshore is now accepting applications for September 2018 Pre-AP Grade 9 class. 

Applications are due Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 3:45pm.

2018-2019 Application 

Lakeshore Collegiate is proud to offer the Advanced Placement® Program and Pre-AP Program to all qualified and interested students. The Pre-AP Program begins in grade 9 and continues through grades 10 and 11. Students learn the necessary skills, knowledge and foundations for success in preparation for entrance to the Advanced Placement® Program in grade 12.   

Started in 1955, the College Board’s Advanced Placement® Program enables students to pursue University-level studies while in high school. Based on their performance on rigorous AP Examinations, students can earn credit and/or advanced placement for University in North America and internationally.

We have chosen to offer the Pre-AP and AP Program because it affords our students maximum flexibility with respect to course selection; it prepares them well for university, and because the program has become the benchmark by which universities measure the potential of their incoming students. The Advanced Placement program is the most widely recognized university preparation program in the world.

Why Should Students Take the Pre-AP and Advanced Placement Program?


  • AP students develop study habits, improve writing skills, and sharpen problem-solving skills, giving students the confidence to tackle the academic challenges of University. 


  • Entering University with AP credits gives students opportunities to move into upper-level courses in their field of interest, pursue a double major or study/travel abroad. There is a potential savings of hundreds of dollars in university fees as students are given credit for their successful AP courses.  Student may also be eligible for bursaries and scholarships.  

University Success:

  • Research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP  experience greater academic success in University than similar students who do not participate in Advanced Placement courses. 

Pre-AP Grade 9

We are seeking motivated students with a history of academic success and who have an interest in pursuing their studies in a more intense and in-depth manner. The PreAP program at LCI consists of a package of three courses in grade 9:  science, math and English.  Pre-AP students at Lakeshore are trained in The Rotman School's (Uof T) I-Think problem solving method.  Seminars and conferences enhance the learning and provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in this thinking method.   Pre-AP students are given the intellectual challenge to think critically and to apply higher order thinking strategies to gain a more profound understanding of the subject matter. Pre-AP students should enjoy discussion and independent research, as these skills are essential for success in university.
Interested students must complete an Application Package which you can access by clicking on the folder icon to the right.  Although the deadline for September 2017 has passed, we will still accept applications.  Applicants will be contacted directly to inform them of the admissions committee decision.  

Pre-AP Grade 10

Students who do not currently attend Lakeshore CI may apply for the Pre-AP program starting in grade 10 or 11. Please complete an application and submit it to LCI's Student Services Department, and include an optional attendance form if required.  You will be contacted regarding your application.  
Students who are currently enrolled at Lakeshore CI may wish to take Pre-AP courses beginning in grade 10 or 11.  Please speak with your guidance counsellor if you wish to select any Pre-AP courses for the coming school year. 

AP Vision