Mathematics @ LCI

Math. It's one of the oldest subjects in the history of mankind. It is also one of the most important subjects needed to be able to function in today's society. Everyone needs to know math in some way or another to do a job properly.

At Lakeshore Collegiate Institute, our math teachers make math accessible to everyone, by making it challenging, interesting and fun. They also offer "Math Help sessions" for anyone who needs extra help. We might not get it at first, and we sometimes get frustrated, but our teachers, with great patience, always do their best to help us understand.

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Department Members

Anthony Meli (ACL / Dept. Head)
Carissa Chen
Jeffrey Mathew
Kim Nguyen
Jeff Proppe
Gene Rainey
Harvinder Sharma
Wendy Shuster

Course material is posted on Google Classroom or Brightspace. Students can access their online course material by logging into Academic Workspace using their TDSB student number and password.