French @ LCI

We live in a world where efficiency and standardization reign supreme, and unique cultures and ways of life are quickly fading into the dull haze that has become our society. Now, distinctive characteristics are condemned, and to be uninteresting, unoriginal, and unimaginative is ideal. Many of us have little appreciation for or understanding of the the new worlds a foreign language opens to us. At the very least we should still appreciate the fact that our freedom to choose to learn a new language if we wish remains. In twenty years or so the freedom to learn another language may have disappeared, and you will be thinking "Why didn't I learn when I had the chance.". So don't wait around, take French.

Department Members

Daniela Paolone
Vanessa Sliwinski
Sonia Volkening

Course material is posted on Google Classroom or Brightspace. Students can access their online course material by logging into Academic Workspace using their TDSB student number and password.