About French

We live in a world where efficiency and standardization reign supreme, and unique cultures and ways of life are quickly fading into the dull haze that has become our society. Now, distinctive characteristics are condemned, and to be uninteresting, unoriginal, and unimaginative is ideal. Many of us have little appreciation for or understanding of the the new worlds a foreign language opens to us. At the very least we should still appreciate the fact that our freedom to choose to learn a new language if we wish remains. In twenty years or so the freedom to learn another language may have disappeared, and you will be thinking "Why didn't I learn when I had the chance.". So don't wait around, take French.

Courses in the French Department

Grade 9

Applied (FSF 1P1)

The course emphasizes an understanding and knowledge of French speaking cultures in Canada and around the world through their readings of a variety of materials including magazines and short stories. A series of cultural video essays and modules plays a major role in helping the student understand French culture and customs.

Academic (FSF 1D1)

The course emphasizes the further development of oral communication, reading and writing skills. Students will build on and apply their knowledge of French while exploring a variety of themes such as social trends, careers, music as well as the environment. Students will produce various written assignments as well as their own web page. This program is organized into three strands that correspond to the main areas of language use.

Grade 10

Applied (FSF 2P1)

The aim of this course is to stimulate the student's interest in learning the French language. Resources such as magazines, newspapers, books, videos as well as the internet are used to enable students to understand the French language and culture. A major project on the environment will help students to learn the new vocabulary while at the same time make use of various grammar points.

Academic (FSF 2D1)

Students will discuss literature and current issues which stem primarily from one short story. Issues discussed are parenting, friendships, relationships and responsibilities. Critical thinking skills are applied to the writing and analysis of poetry and interpretation of various texts. Grammar as well as language conventions are taught through the readings.