Student Council

LCI Student Council 2023-24


Hey Lakeshore! Student council is here at LCI, and we want to make each student's highschool experience as fun as possible. From spirit days, to school challenges, to many more fun events, we're always trying to engage students and have a good time. Have an idea for an event? Speak to a council member, or your grade representative. We want to hear your ideas, and make your voices heard. Looking forward to the great year ahead. Go Phoenix!


LCI Student Council

Your Student Council is committed to leading the students of LCI in different initiatives to raise school spirit. If you have an idea that you would like to see happen at LCI, talk to your Grade Reps and members of the Executive Team to make your voice heard.

President Callia West
Vice President Liam JZ
Secretary Sophia Hunter
VPs Community Engagement Jack Honeyman
Kai Howie
VPs Events Jess Barnes
Amira Jire
VPs Communications &
Social Media
Emily Alvarez
Tenzin Nyshar
VPs Marketing Hana Hashi
Andrei Ivanov
ESL Rep Julia Levadina
PAC Liaison Ryan Beasant
Grade 12 Reps: Katerra S
Maddy W
Lakshman K
Pratheet S
Maliha K
Grade 11 Reps: Alisa A
Shiza M
Shauntilease S
Tenzin L
Raniah K
Grade 10 Reps:  Niti P
Bogdan I
Jenae M
Grade 9 Reps: Damon D
Masoued F
Jaden C
Morgan K
Vivienne C
Staff Supervisor Ms. Tate