English @ LCI

There are 1.1 million words in the English Language, yet no combination of them could possibly explain how extraordinary the English department at LCI really is. Every day the English teachers combine their powers into a single awesome enlightening force. They have transformed English into a barrage of interminable excitement! Poetry and plays, novels and films, form Shakespeare to Beckett, we bask in the greatest literature of all time. In the classroom, literature comes to life; we act, role play, give seminars and reports and usually have an opportunity to bring our artist talents to our projects. We write stories, poems, autobiographies, and essays; we learn to express ourselves in myriad ways. Field trips include attending theatrical productions at places such as Stratford, touring media facilities like the CBC, and listening to visiting authors.

Department Members

Elizabeth Tate (ACL/Dept. Head) elizabeth.tate@tdsb.on.ca
Gregory Danakas gregory.danakas@tdsb.on.ca
Lydia Karkut lydia.karkut@tdsb.on.ca
Nadine Mohammed nadine.mohammed@tdsb.on.ca
Heather Trull elizabeth.tate@tdsb.on.ca

Course material is posted on Google Classroom or Brightspace. Students can access their online course material by logging into Academic Workspace using their TDSB student number and password.