Course Profiles

Courses in the Drama Department

Grade 9

Grade 9, Open (ADA 1O1)

This course will introduce students to all the fundamentals of Drama. The grade nine program establishes the roots for all our future work. This course will develop the following life-skills: self-esteem, confidence, public speaking, group skills, negotiation, and leadership. Drama is valuable for anyone who considers themselves "shy". Students will create several drama structures all based on issues of "transition". For example, the transition from childhood to adolescence and the transition from elementary school to high school.

Grade 10

Grade 10, Open (ADA 2O1)

This course continues the development of fundamental Drama skills. There will be an emphasis on character development and script creation. The highlight of the course continues to be the Children's Theatre Unit where students create a children's play that is taken on tour to our four feeder schools. Grade 10 Drama introduces students to public performances, which prepares them well for the Grade 11 course.

Grade 11

Grade 11, College/University (ADA 3M1)

Students will focus on various dramatic forms, sources and scripts from many periods of history. The units of focus will be Ritual, Ancient Greek Tragedy, Commedia Dell'Arte and Shakespearean Monologue. Students will make two sets of masks and will work intensively with them in performances. Students will create and present several original and adapted works in front of live audiences.

Grade 12

Grade 12, College/University (ADA 4M1)

Students will experiment through scene study, different forms and styles in dramatic literature. Particular focus will be paid to the experimental playwrights of the early twentieth century. Students will create/adapt and present several dramatic works including an evening performance for public presentation. Students will research dramatic styles, themes and theories of acting. Students will learn the fundamentals of stage combat and fencing techniques that will result in the creation of a fencing presentation for public view.

Acting Courses

Acting Courses - Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 (ADG 2O1, ADG 3M1, ADG 4M1)

Admittance into this class will be by Audition only. Students who are accepted into this class will focus their work on the various aspects of acting. This will be a highly specialized "conservatory" acting course that will focus solely on Acting. This class will be comprised of students from Grades 10, 11 & 12. The students in this course will also become the Cast of the annual Mainstage Production. Therefore, acceptance into this course automatically casts you into the school play. Students should only audition if they are interested in Acting in the Mainstage Drama Production. Although many of the rehearsals for the Mainstage will take place during class time, there will also be several after school rehearsals that will be mandatory. The rehearsals closer to Opening Night will run quite late into the evening. Important Option Sheet Info: If you would like to Audition for this class sign up for the regular Drama Class for your grade and then check the box indicating that you would like to Audition for the Acting Class. If you are not accepted into the Acting Class you will automatically be enrolled into the regular Drama Class.