Course Profiles

Courses in the Computer Science Department

Grade 10 (Open)

Computer Studies and Programming, Open (ICS 2O1)

This course introduces students to computer science concepts. Students will learn about the stages in software design; the functions of internal and external computer components; the relationship among networks, operating systems, and how programming languages evolve. Students will also develop and awareness of computer-related careers.

Grade 11

Computer Studies and Programming (ICS 3M/O1)

This course helps students examine computer science concepts. Students outline stages in software development, define standard control and data structures, identify on- and off-line resources, explain the functions of basic computer components, and develop programming and problem-solving skills using operating systems and implementing defined practices. As well as identifying careers in computer science, students develop an understanding of the ethical use of computers and the impact of emergent technologies on society.

Grade 12

Computer Studies and Programming, College/University (ICS 4C/U1)

This course helps students use programming and software engineering principles to design and develop algorithms and programs. Students will use software development and diagnostic tools, implement data structures and algorithms, and use file-management techniques in project settings. They will also develop an understanding of the ethics of computer use and the impact of information technology on the community, and will explore post-secondary education and career paths in computer science.