English As A Second Language

English As A Second Language


ESL news

This year English as a Second Language will be taught by a teacher who comes to the school. The sessions are in the afternoons. The students will be taught one on one and/or in small groups depending on the needs of each students. These groupings will change throughout the year.

The ESL program has 3 components, oral, reading and writing.  Many of the students are well on their way with expressing themselves orally. This is quite evident in their communication with their teachers and interactions with their peers.

Tips at home to support your son/daughter:

-Watch English educational programs on TV
-Play with children who speak English so that your child is immersed in the English language
-Enrol in extra-curricular activities where instructions are given in English e.g., soccer, swimming, dance, piano
-Listen to English music
-If possible read to your child in English
-Have your child read to you in English (Pattern books/simple books/levelled books/library books)
-When going out, ask your child to identify items i.e., car, grocery store, shopping bag, toys
-Have your child ask for instructions/or order food at restaurants  e.g., Ask the clerk where to get milk;  I'd like a cheese burger and coke...etc.
-Review work completed at school by having him/her orally tell you

As your child becomes more confident, his/her English skills will develop more quickly. Exposing him/her to as much opportunities as possible to use the language is extremely beneficial in helping your child become fluent in English.