JK/SK Music Overall M2

Overall Expectation M2: demonstrate basic knowledge and skills gained through exposure to music and music activities

Specific Expectations

As children progress through the Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten program, they:

M2.1 explore different elements (e.g., beat, sound quality, speed, volume) of music (e.g., clap the beat of a song; tap their feet on carpet and then on tile, and compare the sounds; experiment with different instruments to accompany a song)

Making Connections: Ways in Which Children Might Demonstrate Their Learning

“That’s a drum. It made a loud boom.”
“This song keeps getting faster.”
“I’m keeping the beat with my foot.”

During their explorations, children discover that a wooden block makes a sound when it hits the floor. They decide to explore further and drop the block on the carpet and then onto another block.

A child uses computer software to add sound effects to a story she is writing.