Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct and Dress Code are based on safety, diversity and our TRIBES Agreements of Mutual Respect, Appreciation, No Put Downs and the Right to Pass.

Cassandra Public School Code of Conduct

I will be at school on time and ready to learn.

I will follow school and class rules.

I will use polite language and good manners.

I will keep my hands and my feet to myself.

I will respect people, school property and environment.

I will provide help when appropriate and seek help when needed.

I will find safe and fair solutions to a problem.

I will be responsible when using the Internet, computers and electronic equipment.

I will be a proud Cassandra Public School ambassador within our school and community.

I will keep our school clean, safe and peaceful.

Cassandra Public School Dress Code

Students are expected to dress neatly and avoid wearing any items of clothing that may be offensive to others (i.e. slogans, images, etc.)

All non-religious headgear is to be removed when entering the school.

It is expected that all tops cover the chest and stomach areas.

Footwear is required at all times. It is recommended that all students have 2 pairs of shoes appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities.

Recommended dress for gym: shorts or track pants, t-shirt, running shoes.

Be the best you can be, even when nobody is watching!