School Routines

School Routines

School Hours

8:30 to 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 to 3:00 p.m.

Recess Times are 10:20 a.m. and 1:35 p.m.

Children arriving late must sign in at the office or if leaving early, must be signed out by a parent who will meet the child at the office.

Safe Arrival Program

Please call the following number (416) 395-2152 to leave a message to report a child's absence any time of the day or night.

Student Bicycles/Scooters

Students must lock bicycles in the bike rack near the Kindergarten entrance. Only student bike owners are allowed in the bike rack area when locking or retrieving the bicycle and not during recess. Scooters or in-line skates must be left in the Health Room and students must walk the scooter through the front door. Scooters, skateboards or in-line skates
should not be ridden on the school yard during school hours.

Keep these Items at Home

Students are not to bring these items to school: Radios, mp3 players, any type of cards, hardballs, bats, toy weapons, hand computer games and cell phones (if you need to contact your child during school hours please call the office).  We cannot be responsible for damages, lost or stolen items.

We understand that there are many improtant reason for our students to carry cell phones.  in accordance with the TDSB police cell phones which are brought to school must be turned off during instructional time and kept in teh child's backpack unless part of classroom instruction.  Students many not use cell phones at recess or during lunch time. 

Lost and Found

Missing articles of clothing, books, and lunch containers can be found in our Lost and Found boxes located inside Exit 3, the Centre Doors to the playground. Other small valuables, such as keys or watches are often turned in to the office.


All visitors to our school must enter through the front door and begin their visit at the Office. All visitors are required to wear an identification badge.

Student Washrooms

Student washrooms are provided for student use only.

Daycare Entrance

Muppets Too Daycare is located within our building. Parents of daycare children are requested to use the daycare entrance. Parking is available close to this entrance. For safety, ensure that the car engine is turned off, and the car is parked in a designated parking spot, when bringing your children to daycare.