JK/SK Music Overall M1

Overall Expectation M1: demonstrate an awareness of themselves as musicians through engaging in music activities

Specific Expectations

As children progress through the Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten program, they:

M1.1 demonstrate an awareness of personal interests and a sense of accomplishment in music (e.g., contribute their own ideas to a class song; create their own accompaniment to a song)

M1.2 explore a variety of tools and materials of their own choice (e.g., spoons, castanets, rhythm sticks, music software) to create music in familiar and new ways

Making Connections: Ways in Which Children Might Demonstrate Their Learning

“I like to use the cymbals.”
“I used drums to make the sound of thunder.”
“I know that song. I’ll sing it for you.”

Two children work together at the computer using simple music software to create and record a song.

Children use shakers that they have made at a learning centre to keep the beat of a familiar song.