JK/SK Music Overall M3

Overall Expectation M3: use problem-solving strategies when experimenting with the skills, materials, processes, and techniques used in music both individually and with others

Specific Expectations

As children progress through the Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten program, they:

M3.1 use problem-solving skills and their imagination to create music (e.g., experiment with different instruments to create a rhythm pattern to accompany a familiar song; contribute to making a variation on a familiar song with the class)

Making Connections: Ways in Which Children Might Demonstrate Their Learning

“We tried it this way and it didn’t work, so we tried again and this is what it sounds like.”
“We changed this part so it sounds different.”

A small group of children create a musical version of a favourite pattern book for the whole class to present at the school assembly.

Two children decide to work with different rhythm instruments. One plays a rhythm and the other echoes it. They continue to try to represent each other’s rhythm patterns.