JK/SK Music Overall M4

Overall Expectation M4: express responses to a variety of forms of music, including those from other cultures

Specific Expectations

As children progress through the Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten program, they:

M4.1 express their responses to music by moving, by making connections to their own experiences, or by talking about the musical form

M4.2 respond to music from various cultures, including their own (e.g., folk songs, Aboriginal chants, songs in different languages)

Making Connections: Ways in Which Children Might Demonstrate Their Learning

“I heard that song at a wedding. It makes me want to dance.”
“I can sing a song in my language.”
“That music sounds very sad. It makes me think of the statue of the soldier in the park. He looked sad too.”

At the visual art centre, children hear the music that the EL–K team has put on in the background and move their paint brushes to the rhythm and flow of different selections of music.

A small group of children describe their personal responses to the same piece of music. The EL–K team records their responses in an interactive writing activity.