Grade 3 Elements of Music

Grade 3 Elements of Music

- three beats per bar (3/4 metre), dotted half note,

sixteenth-note patterns, sixteenth rest;

- very fast (presto), very slow (largo)

- low “so”, low “la”, higher and lower pitch, pitch contour

dynamics and other expressive controls:
- standard symbols for soft (e.g., piano – p) and loud (e.g., forte – f)
- invented symbols for soft and loud
- articulation and expression marks encountered in music listened to, sung, and played (e.g., staccato, legato, signs for crescendo and decrescendo)

timbre (also known as tone colour):
- classification of instruments by means of sound production (e.g., sounds produced by strumming, striking, shaking, blowing)

- simple two-part rounds, partner songs, canons

- section, ternary (ABA) form