Art / Drama / Music


Drama at Bethune is a dynamic program that introduces students to the fundamentals of theatre and also challenges students to improve the interpersonal and life skills required to be successful at university, college and the workplace. These classes help students to improve confidence, communication, critical and creative thinking and concentration which are essential skills for future success. Drama classes at Bethune offer opportunities for students to explore dramatic forms and techniques, using material from a wide range of sources and cultures. 

The junior program exposes students to the foundations of drama. In grade nine, students explore a variety of topics such as the history of musical theatre and the practice of improvisation and mime techniques. Students learn a little bit about all aspects of theatre, such as acting, directing as well as set and costume design and writing for performance. In grade ten students continue to build on the skills they learned in grade nine, and they also explore self-expression through monologues, spoken word and movement. Selected grade ten students participate in an end-of-year boardwide showcase of art called TDSB Creates. 
In senior drama classes students use the elements of drama to examine situations and issues that are relevant to their lives. Senior students spend time refining acting and design skills. By producing dramatic works, senior students have the opportunity to put executive skills to use in a practical way. They use their leadership skills to direct, their management skills to stage-manage, their communication and concentration skills to perform, their creative thinking skills to design sound, lights, costumes and sets.  Our seniors work together to produce short pieces for assemblies and a student written play for the National Theatre School Drama Festival. Our original plays and drama students have won numerous awards at the NTS Drama Festival.

Unseen 2019   Sonder 2018



Music at  BCI is a vibrant program that exposes students to many facets of music education. Students have the opportunity to express themselves through the playing and singing of a wide selection of repertoire.
Extra-curricular ensembles include: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Stage Band, Jr. Jazz Band, Festival Singers, Junior Choir, and Jazz Choir. Each year music students proudly showcase their talent by hosting an annual Winter Concert in December and a Spring Concert which is often held at the Flato-Markham Theatre. Bethune CI is proud to be the home of an award winning Music program.

Students perform at the Ontario Band Association Concert Band Festival, Ontario Vocal Festival and MusicFest Canada. Our music students have performed at different venues across the city such as Massey Hall, Roy Thomson Hall and the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

Symphonic Band 2019   Ontario Vocal Festival 2018   ConcertBand2019



Visual/Computer Arts and Photography

The Bethune Visual Arts courses offer many wonderful opportunities for our students. We have visual arts, photography, and computer art.
In Visual Art, students work with a variety of techniques and tools to create: Drawings with charcoal, pencil, ink, conte, oil pastels, chalk pastels and pencil crayons; Painting with watercolours and acrylic paint; Sculpting with foam, clay, cardboard, plastic, assemblage and paper mache; Printmaking with linoleum, drypoint, and monotypes.  Students will explore felting, and batik.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to look at art from other time periods and cultures.
In Photography, students will critically analyze photographic works and the role of photography in society while exploring both historical and contemporary photographers. Students will work both with analog and digital cameras and will expand their use of photo editing techniques with Adobe Photoshop CC. In addition, students will participate in an exhibition at a public gallery.
The Digital Arts course develops student’s use of software such Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to design and illustrate finished artwork while applying the principles of art and design to their work. Students will also interpret historical artworks and use the creative process to produce artworks of their own.

Incredible student artworks are displayed all over the school on bulletin boards, art displays in the commons, and student lockers.

Lockers  photography

Lanterns  Peking Opera